inexpensive and great quality clothing?

I’m back with another post! And since summer is approaching and i’ve been doing some serious and hardcore online shopping, i thought i’d share with you some of the sites i’ve been using to rack up on clothing! All of these websites have cheap clothing, but not quality wise, price wise. They frequently have sales and their sale section is always filled with adorable items!

The first shop is She In! I’ve been a fan of She In for a while now. They have clothing for every taste, grunge, preppy, bohemian, country, literally clothes for every style! They also carry shoes, accessories, swimwear, & beauty. I highly recommend their swimsuits, since summer is near! I have one or two and they’ve lasted for a couple years now! I know I will without a doubt be making many more purchases from them!

link to She In: 

Zaful is the next one. Now all of the sites I’ll be mentioning do carry some of the same items, and they all do have a wide selection of items to choose from, but they’re not the exact same. I shop on Zaful mainly for swimsuits, just because I have an obsession with those, but I can assure you the clothing items will not disappoint. Since the selection is so wide on all of these sites, I will usually look on YouTube for reviews done so I can get an idea of what I want and what I like!

link to Zaful:


Romwe. Romwe is just like the other 2 sites, but like I said, not the exact same. I know you’re probably thinking, why would I shop at 3 different sites when they all have the same styles and items? But, while this is true, their selection varies. For example, I like the swimsuits from Zaful and She In more than from Romwe (even though those are great too) and I like the clothing better from Romwe!

link to Romwe:

The final shop is Cupshe! This site is mainly known for their swimsuits, which is why I love them, but they do carry clothing as well. It’s cheaply priced but such good quality, as are the other 3 sites!

link to Cupshe:

I really do not have anything negative to say about any of these shops! I’ve had very pleasant experiences with all of them, and I’m never disappointed with any of them! If you decide to purchase anything, let me know what you got!!




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